Security Supervisor

April 10, 2024
Rs.30000 - Rs.50000 / month
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Job Description

Supervise daily security team operations, ensuring efficient task completion.
Devise and enforce security policies and procedures to safeguard the organization and its assets.
Perform routine security assessments to identify and address potential risks and vulnerabilities, crafting strategies for risk reduction.
Monitor surveillance and alarm systems, swiftly responding to security breaches or incidents.
Liaise with law enforcement, emergency services, and relevant stakeholders during security emergencies.
Educate and train security personnel on protocols and emergency response plans.
Regularly inspect security equipment (CCTV, access control, alarms) to ensure proper functioning and upkeep.
Investigate security incidents, accidents, and breaches, preparing comprehensive reports with improvement recommendations.
Collaborate across departments to integrate security measures into all operational facets, including events, facility management, and employee safety.
Stay abreast of evolving security trends, technologies, and regulations, providing recommendations for system and procedural enhancements

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