Merchandiser [10386]

April 27, 2024
Rs.22000 - Rs.30000 / month
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Job Description

Enabling internal and external communication. This is important to maintain relationships with buyers and suppliers. Internal communication is equally vital for the smooth functioning of the business.
Understanding the primary and secondary properties of the product. This includes everything right from colour and type of material to lustre and density of the product.
Sampling the products. This kind of classification helps in time management while searching for products for sale.
Preparing internal order sheets. The production department needs raw materials from time to time. It is the duty of a Garment Merchandiser to look into such needs, prepare the orders and place them on time.
Helping the quality department by monitoring the raw materials that come in. The quality department should be advised on the quality mark to be maintained. This is done by keeping in mind the cost of production and the profit margins. You should be able to keep a check on the various departments. At the same time, the requirements of the consumers should not be ignored.
Preparing purchase orders. You need to be aware of the needs of your buyers, especially foreign buyers. Their choices and preferences are important. Based on their taste of purchase, purchase orders are prepared.
Advising and assisting in production. You will act as a mediator between the buyer and the production department. Therefore, you will be needed to advise the production department on the needs of the consumers.
Supervising documentation, banking and shipping arrangements. You have to make sure your payments and receipts are being transacted on a regular basis. You also have to ensure that the shipping schedule is in place.

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