Chartered Accountant [10387]

April 27, 2024
Rs.100000 - Rs.125000 / month
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Job Description

Implement account systems and financial practices as a certified accountant
Monitor the duties performed by the accounting team
Assess risks and devise proper solutions to manage the same
Conduct audits, both internally and externally keeping in mind the scope of work of a professional chartered accountant
Forecast budgets, conduct tax planning activities, and ensure adherence to national financial laws
Liaise with clients to provide the best solutions as a chartered accountant
Conduct audits, maintain financial management and deal with taxation
File income tax returns, and prepare monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports
Provide sound financial advice to clients, keeping in mind the financial regulatory laws
Ensure proper tax planning, and ethical accounting practices as a certified chartered accountant
Guide and monitor junior chartered accountants and colleagues to achieve the best accounting practices

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