Assistant Computer Technician

June 4, 2024
Rs.12000 - Rs.13000 / month
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Job Description

Diagnoses hardware and operating system problems and repair.
2. Cleans computer equipment and peripherals.
3. Installs and reinstalls software for proper operation in the instructional process.
4. Assists with network cable installation as directed.
5. Helps set up computer labs with proper configuration.
6. Picks up and deliver equipment between school buildings and the EMC.
7. Assists with configuration and set up of printers, projection devices, and monitors to work effectively for various
instructional purposes.
8. Assists with other technology problems and equipment operations when possible.
9. Assists the computer technician to maintain a computer services repair center with appropriate supplies and
10. Provides emergency assistance as required to maintain district technology services.
11. Develops a flexible work schedule with the supervisor to maintain district technology services.
12. Assists media/technology secretary with maintenance of the district computer equipment inventory.

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