Area Sales Manager [10306]

April 20, 2024
Rs.40000 - Rs.60000 / month
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Job Description

  • Sales Targets: Area sales managers must chase sales numbers and ensure they grow consistently. It is about understanding the dynamics behind each sale and working towards meeting and exceeding the set targets. They work closely with their team, sharing insights and strategies to boost performance.
  • Team Management: They also need good mentors who guide their teams, resolve conflicts and ensure every team member achieves their best. They foster a team atmosphere where everyone feels appreciated and confident.
  • Strategy Planning: Area sales managers should be proactive in anticipating market changes. They should adjust strategies to ensure their companies remain at the forefront. They also need to know the market’s pulse, understand shifts in customer behaviour, and build strategies aligned with these changing needs.
  • Customer Relations: Area sales managers make sure that they consider customer opinions when shaping product development and planning strategies. It is mainly about building lasting relationships that ensure customers become loyal patrons, valuing the company’s offerings and contributing to its reputation.
  • Reporting: An area sales manager should interpret data and use sales metrics to spot trends, anticipate challenges and capitalise on opportunities. These insights offer more than just data to guide the team on what is effective and what is not.

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